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New Release of Evil Punk Records - Бунт Ради Бунта - "Время Право Ждений Ада" (2014) 

The twentieth jubilee release of our mega underground, super diy and evil punk label !!! Powerful album from one of the most extraordinary,
the oldest and ruthless bands from Belarus, which almost fifteen years,
like infernal bulldozer, makes its way through a two-legged shit out from this planet !!!
This creation will snatch, tear into a small pieces and throw about of the whole universe your fucking brain,
which swollen and blurred away of fashion and other goddamn shit !!! Let it be Revolt, Let it be Revolt for the sake of Revolt!!!
Вышел на свет новый альбом БУНТ РАДИ БУНТА - "Время Право Ждений Ада" 2014
B.R.B - vremya pravo jdeniy ada